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Implied Nude FAQ

Do I need to be a professional model?

You don’t have to be a professional to be photographed by us. Based in our experience as a celebrity and playmate photographers we can provide you with the same professionalism and passion as we are shooting for a magazine cover. You will be our model for that day regardless your experience. We will guide you with the posing and expression and who knows…? may be a new upcoming star is in front of us.

This is my first time doing this and I’m nervous.

Relax. This is absolutely normal. 9 of 10 of our clients are ladies who do not have experience in intimate photos taken like professional models. It’s quite normal to feel apprehensive about your first session, but at Kendall Portraits we offer a complimentary meeting prior to the photo shoot day to talk all about what you’ll see during the session. We know that, in most of the cases, this is an intimate session to create the gift of you for you loved one. But you can bring a friend if she/he will make you feel better. You’ll feel more comfortable and will probably have more fun. And sometimes girlfriends helps to untie the sexy inner side in you! Almost all of our clients are initially nervous and within twenty minutes are having a great time. Please read our testimonials!

Should I drink a glass of wine just to relax myself?

No. Insurance Policy Terms prohibited us to practice our service if you are under influence of alcohol or drugs. We are a drug free environment, and the rules apply also not to all of us. Additionally, we don’t want sexy photos with a silly drunk expression, do you?. We promise that you wont need it.

Who will be present at my photo shoot?

Usually, only two. Alex, and wife Sandra who is the makeup artist and will be your valet assistant during the photo session. Hair Stylist will be present only to prepare your hair and Sandra will be taking care of your hair during the shoot. If there are any other is because it comes with you. Your friend is welcome to be at our shooting area with us, or in our waiting room enjoying a DVD, listening her/his favorite music, or simply monitoring your photo session through our plasma TVs.

Where is your studio?

We’re located close to the Tamiami Airport at West Kendall (Miami) Florida a less of one mile from Florida’s Turnpike. Most of our clients come driven their cars, some others prefer to come in their private jets. Even we have clients that come in their rollers!. Despite the transport that you want to use, there are always a very easy way to come to the studio. We have a state of the art professional photography studio featured in top design websites. Click Here or call 888-497-2666 ext.3 to get driving directions

I would be much more comfortable if I could bring a friend, is that permitted?

Sure, we have no objections at all if you would like to bring a friend along. We want to keep the photoshoot as a private session and not as a “Photo Live Show”. Only one person is allowed as chaperone and must be over 18 years old. Sorry, kids are not permitted to be at our studio during a sexy session.

Could my friend take pictures or record my photo session on video?

No. We’re Sorry. We work with sophisticated lighting a flash photography will ruin the mood. Additionally only we considered it as a distraction that will break our concentration. If you want a professional video of your session, it will be available at additional charge.

Is the photographer male or female?

Award-winning artist-photographer Alex Manfredini, a male, will be your photographer and his wife Sandra will be assisting. Alex has more than 15 years photographing women and they are a husband and wife team and have been happily married for over 25 years.

I have flaws and don’t look like a model…

We all have flaws… even supermodels. We’ve photographed a lot of models and they all have areas that need to be fixed or different lighting applied to make them look good. Five times Guru Award Winner skills guarantee our image enhancements. With our custom image manipulation and innovative custom lighting, we’ll give you a “magazine cover” look. Even the supermodels have this done for their pictures. Now, you can too. So, don’t wait until you think you look like a model, because those images are custom made, as yours will be.

Who will you help me with the posing?

You do not need modeling experience to look fine and sexy. If you’re not a model and don’t have any experience posing in front of the camera. We will coach you on how to pose and expression to look best for the camera. We are very creative in posing and Alex will represent the pose for you (obviously not as sexy as you!). So be prepared to have some fun!

Do you have an outdoor location?

Yes we do! Our Studio is located just front to the Nixon Smiley National Preserve and we have a clubhouse facility walking distance to the studio with Olympic swimming pool, sand beach with palms and wooded and secluded acres on which there is a lake with wooden pier ideal for sunset shots.

How Long does it take to get something to give?

You can be photographed up to the day before your giving deadline. We’ll supply you with a lovely proof CD with your photo on it, this way, you and your recipient can choose your photos together. If you want your finished product to give… we need to have your print selection a week before your gift date for prints. For the coffee table photo books or calendars, allow up to two weeks. There may be additional time needed if more retouching is requested or needed.

What is the difference between Boudoir Photography, Artistic Nude Photography, and Glamour Photography?

Boudoir is glamour photography that’s a little sexy taken in lingerie or other intimate items. Boudoir is based in the attitude more than the amount of clothes (or lack of it) you are wearing. The photographs taken are head shots to capture your inner behavior, to three-quarters and sometimes full length to portrait your body language. Boudoir will capture the sexy “spicy” side of you.

Fine Artistic Nudes are creating a work of art using our clients figure. Our nudes are never tacky or distasteful, but with an artistic flair and showcasing your beauty. If the job is well executed you will appreciate the art of the photography before you notice the nude.

Glamour Photography is basically modeling photography with a much sexier flavor. The photographs taken are head shots to three-quarters in a nice atmosphere to capture your sexy “romantic” side

If I want some glamour, boudoir and fine nudes… do I need to purchase extra sessions to get these?

Absolutely No. Your session will be tailored and designed prior to the shoot. During your makeover session, Alex will draft the images based on your style and wardrobe (in any). Then we will show you the selection to know your comfortability level, If something is to “high” for you, we want to know you first, at the same time if something is to “low” we want to know it to maximize your session. This is very intimate between you and your loved one and we never will make any judgement about what you want to do, as well as what you don’t want to do. After 15 years of experience it will look like “another day in the office” for us. We will provide you the images that you want and most of the time, this includes some glamour and boudoir images with some clients electing to have an artistic nude or two done.

How old must I be to have this type of photography done?

It is our policy that you must be at least 18 years of age. This type of photography is meant to be an intimate gift a lady may do for herself or a gift for a that special someone in her life. We reserve the right of ID check.

How does the process begin?

We suggest a conference before the day of photography. This gives the client an opportunity to meet with us, Alex and Sandra. During the conference, we will discuss the type of photography desired, costuming, props and scheduling. So give us a call at 888-497-2666 and we’ll set this up.

When can I see the photos?

You will see the pictures right after they are taken. We’ll show you the photos on our large monitors and we will provide you with a professional advice about the selection

Are there any limits on what you will photograph?

Only one person is allowed in the photos, unless it was previously agreed between both parts. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. We are very open minded about what we shoot if everything is tasteful, limiting to sexual activity showing intercourse.

I’m concerned that photos I take with your studio might show up elsewhere…

We have the following policy concerning the purchase and distribution of boudoir, glamour or intimate photos. Only the client (the lady being photographed) may purchase or place reorders for her photographs. No one else, even her husband, is allowed to purchase the photos, ever. We will not use our client’s photographs for any purpose other than for sale to the client who appears on the photographs unless a models release has been signed by the model and obtained by the photographer before any photographs can be used for publication, advertising or any other purpose. Just having a sitting with a photographer doesn’t give the photographer this release.

If we would want to use any of your photos in our portfolio, we would have to obtain a separate written release and specify which image would be used. Again, just having a sitting for your own purposes does not give the photographer a models release. Any examples you see are secured for use by a written model release.

Will my Photos be displayed online?

Your photos will be displayed online only at your mini website under a password protection. Even the pictures showed at your mini website will be watermarked in the center of the image and the size of it will be very small, just for reference. We have no control (or want to have control) over what you do with your photos after we deliver the CD them to you.

Do you have any outfits or do I need to supply them all?

We have a selection of outfits and costume jewelry on hand. We carry different fabric wraps, different colors of pearls and some lingerie outfits. We have stock of lingerie boxes unopened for health reasons available to buy at our studio. We really encourage you to bring your favorite lingerie, fitted to your size.

What do I need to bring to the shoot?

We suggest you bring some outfits that are special to you. You may have been given something special to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, using these will make the portraits extra personal. Basically, figure out what he likes and feature these ideas in your photos.

Bring your girly things, your lingerie, your high heels, your funky stuff, and the most important: your sexy attitude. And do not forget his fantasies. If you guy is a sports fan… you might want to bring (get) his favorite team jersey… you get the idea! . Steal his shirt, his tie, his toys, anything that gets you in the mood.

We will have a fun session at our private studio, bring your CDs or MP3 player with your preferred tunes for background music. We will pamper you with and aromatherapy candles, herbal teas, healthy snacks, etc. You will have a beautiful work of art for him: a portrait of your pretty, or sexy, or hot, or sweet, or feminine, whatever your style is, side.

What do I need to bring for a Nude Photoshoot?

If you want, you can bring your own music.

How do I have to prepare before my photo shoot?

Wash and dry your hair the day before you arrive. If have hair styling in your package, please don’t style or put any conditioner on your hair. If your package doesn’t include hair styling, please came with your hair “camera ready”. Same as with the hair, no make-up. If have makeup in your package, please come with a washed face. If your package doesn’t include makeup, please came with your makeup “camera ready”. Don’t forget a nice manicure and pedicure. If your manicure requires professional looking nails at the last minute, don’t forget that you can purchase white nail tips from a variety of stores. For hygiene reasons we prefer you bring your own towel to dry yourself if you want to do some wet look shots. Please do not apply any fake tan product to your skin that can produce uneven color on your skin or spots under our lights. You can read a complete guideline of ho to prepare clicking here.

Do you provide professional hair and makeup?

Sandra is a professional certified makeup artist specialized in airbrush makeup. Depending on which package you choose hair and/or makeup charge may be additional or included. See our pricing guide to see if your desired package includes hair and makeup or not. If not, it’s available with prices listed by your chosen package.

Why you recommend Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush Makeup is the Makeup for the digital age. We use High Definition cameras that capture every single detail of your skin and the smooth and flawless makeup when using airbrush is second to none. Additionally, Airbrush makeup is exceptionally lightweight. Most clients say they feel as if they aren’t even wearing makeup. Airbrush makeup is water resistant and will last for a photo session up to twelve hours or more with no retouching.

Why are you only have three private sessions a day?

Some competitors offer 10, 20 or more sessions during a day, providing a non personalized attention when you must feel like your are something special for them. With only 3 sessions a day, we guarantee you have our absolute attention, throughout your entire visit. If you decide to extend your photoshoot we need to have a time space to avoid overlapping between sessions. You get the exclusive use of our makeup artists, styling team, and of course photographer and everywhere in the studio is yours to use for the duration of your session as the way it should be.

Can I do my own makeup and hair?

Of course, but you must be Makeup and Hair “camera ready” to maximize your shooting time. You can use our facility for retouch, but as wardrobe change it will run against the shooting time.

If you provide make up and/or hair. The time consumed for your stylist is against the shooting time?

Absolutely no. We will star counting you shooting time after the first click of the camera.

May I bring my own Makeup Artist, Wardrobe Stylist, and/or Hair Stylist?

Of course you can. We love to share experiences with other professionals. If the session will be at our studio, we will not charge any fee to allow them to work at our facilities, but they need to reach following requirements:

1) Copy of Professional License issued by an Institute or Beauty School.

2) Copy of Florida Occupational License that allowed to perform their services in the state of Florida.

3) Certificate of Liability Insurance for $1,000,000 (one million dollars) issued to the name of Kendall Portraits by an Insurance Company authorized to work in the state of Florida.

We need to receive this documentation one Week prior to the session to allow us to verify the information.

What is your style of photography?

We have a signature style that set us apart form our competitors. We use our lights as a painter use the colored oils. We paint with lights and you are our canvas. Our images that are soft provocative and sensual, with immaculate light and special attention at the details. But the main factor is what the client wants. We will determine this in the pre-photography meeting?

Do I have to make an appointment?

Appointments are made to ensure that we are fully prepared for your Photo session.

How many weeks in advance do I need for an appointment?

Although we frequently have appointments scheduled a month or more in advance, we will often have openings in our schedule to accommodate many clients needs to shoot soon as possible. So if you need to shoot right away and you have some flexibility concerning the day or times you can shoot, call us at 305-254-1445.

Why a deposit for booking a Photo session?

All appointments require a non-refundable deposit of $150 that will be credited to your total bill the day of the session. Whenever an appointment is made, the time scheduled becomes committed to the person making the appointment. That block of time becomes off limits to anyone else seeking to make an appointment at that time. It means that if you cancel, not only we will not receive full payment for the time we have committed to working with you, it also means that there is almost no possibility of us being able make up for our loss by selling that block of time to someone else. A non-refundable deposit deters people from casually canceling the time they have committed to. Cancellations and no shows are very hurtful in that they directly result in a loss of time and money.

Why a rescheduling fee?

In the same way that cancellations directly result in a loss of time and money, the act of clients casually rescheduling their appointments is also detrimental. The rescheduling fee exists to deter casual and unnecessary rescheduling. Rescheduling can be done without penalty up to 7 days before your photo shoot is scheduled. If you give us at least 48 hours notice, we charge a small fee of $25 to reschedule. If you provide me with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged a $75 rescheduling fee.

What about cancelation of photo session?

Cancellations prior to the day of your shoot will result in the loss of your deposit. Canceling on the same day of your appointment or failing to show up will result in a charge for the remaining balance for you scheduled photo shoot.

Can I get copies of my portraits made?

Kendall Portraits offers great reorder specials on your portraits, but you are free to print by yourself. Kendall Portraits images are copyrighted but you owns the right of use and print. We will provide you with a print release so you will be free to print at your discretion.

What if I don’t like my portraits?

At Kendall Portraits we are not happy unless you are happy! We will gladly re-take your portraits without a studio fee or with make-up and hair stylish for a nominal fee within 24 hours after you receive your pass code to check your images at our website for one time only. We do not provide refunds. If you are dissatisfied with your photos, for a reason we had control over, and you wish to schedule a re-shoot, you must express this to us directly and clearly by phone or in person between 24 hours your pass code is received. Because email can be lost or misinterpreted, we do not accept email as a valid way to request a re-shoot. Re-shoots will be provided up to the same number of hours of the original shoot, but no more than 4. Re-shoots are subject to scheduling availability and cannot be scheduled any quicker than availability allows. In the case of one-time events & occasions, where re-shoots are not possible, clients will receive credit for additional services of equal or lesser value upon request. The satisfaction guarantee applies to paying clients only. The satisfaction guarantee applies to photography only. It does not apply to work provided by make-up artists, stylists, or designers. Although we will do our best to counteract any of the effects of the following, we are not responsible for: bad hair days, breakouts, stretch marks, bad skin, allergies, irritated eyes, illnesses, fatigue, hangovers, make-up application, non-proper weather, lint, wardrobe malfunctions or defects (including wrinkles, rips, and, stains), or sweat, static electricity, the effects of (or withdrawal from) drugs or medication, or matters beyond our control (i.e. acts of god). Of course the prints are considered a custom product which cannot be re-sold. Due to the nature of our product, all sales are final.

Where is the Studio located?

Kendall Portraits is located at 12361 SW 128 court, Suite 202.To arriving to our studio from Florida Turnpike, take exit 19 for 120th street. Turn west at 120th street for 1 mile and then turn left at 128th court. Head south on 128th court toward the end of the road.

What are the Studio hours?

Kendall Portraits is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, by appointment only for pre-session consultations. Shooting is available 24/7. We highly recommend to call for appointments to meet our artist-photographer. To protect the privacy of our Photo sessions walk-in are not allowed.

What facilities can I find at the studio?feel “

Our studio has been featured as model for many printed magazines and publications online. We create a cozy and pretty atmosphere that is opposite to the empty and cool traditional studios. The studio is styled with different textures, reconfiguring traditional moods combining with contemporary furniture and state of the art LED lighting systems. We have recreated different areas that will make you feel  ”at home” with an open kitchen, ironing facilities, one washroom, makeup station, conference room, HI FI Plasma TV and Home Theatre center for relax, wireless internet access. We guarantee that we will make you to feel at ease at all times.

How much does a Photo session cost?

The Photo session fee varies by promotional period. Check our website or ads for pricing information and special offers. Visit the Special Promotions section of this website for more information. Also, you can call us at 305-254-1445.

I’d like to give you a testimonial… but I want to guard my identity

This is fine. We never use the photos of our clients in our testimonials to protect their privacy. You’ll see one of these in the testimonial page. We can also use a middle name or a nickname as well.

Will you photograph men for boudoir and nudes?

Yes, we do. Art has no genre, why do we have to discriminate? Our photography passion is for aesthetic figures showing beauty despite the genre, age, race, religion, or experience.